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About CCIF Insurance Coverage


Introduction of CCTF's Charity Insurance Product
China Life Insurance Company and PICC Health Insurance Company were selected as insurance companies by Mingya Insurance Brokers' Co.Ltd., after a number of rounds of bidding. The bidding was commissioned by CCTF and guided by Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Health and China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Mingya Insurance Brokers' Co.Ltd. developed an exclusive, low cost charity insurance product for CCTF to provide critical illnesses insurance to orphans and impoverished children in China.


This charity insurance product has the following unique features:

· Comprehensive coverage: The product is designed to cover 12 types of critical illnesses common to children.

· Extremely low cost:            The product is exclusive to CCTF at extremely low cost.

· Fast claiming mechanism:  Lump sum payment in 10 working days once diagnosed.

· Benefit children at all age: All healthy children age 30 days to 18 years old are eligible.








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