You may donate through the following methods:

On-line Donation
Eligible for U.S. and/or Hong Kong tax-deduction.

Off-line Donation
  Eligible for U.S. and/or Hong Kong tax-deduction.

       Donate through Give2Asia
            Please download Donation Instruction.
            You will receive a thank you letter and receipt in recognition of your gift. Upon receiving a gift of $50 or greater, Give2Asia             will issue a thank you letter and receipt recognizing your gift for the CCIF Fund. This letter may be used for tax reporting             purposes.   For questions, please contact:Give2Asia- North American Headquarters:
                             Kalsang Tashi, FSF Account Manager
                             465 California Street, 9th Floor
                             San Francisco, CA 94104
                             Tel: 415.743.3336; Fax: 415.391.4075


   Eligible for tax-deduction in China

       Wire transfer
            Beneficiary :          China Children & Teenagers' Fund
            Bank Name :        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,Huarundasha Sub-branch,Beijing Branch
            Bank Address :    Huarun Building G104-106,
                                            NO.8 Jianguomen North Street,
                                            Beijing, China, 100005
            Account No. :        0200214519200002640
            SWIFT Code :       ICBKCNBJBJM
            Remarks :             For China Children Insurance Foundation


       Donate by mail
            Beneficiary :         China Children & Teenagers' Fund
            Address :              No.15 Jianguomennei Street, Dongcheng  District, Beijing, China
            ZIP Code :            100730
            Remarks :             For China Children Insurance Foundation


Note: Please specify that the donation is to China Children Insurance Foundation. For large sum of donation, please     confirm     with us after remittance. CCTF will provide China tax-deductible donation receipt correspondingly.

Copy Rigths CCTF CCIF, (BJ) ICP #07009994

Tel:(010)8565 8599 Fax:(010)8565 8678