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 "Heart One Plus One" Program


In May 2010, CCIF launched "Heart One Plus One" program, with the support from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. This is an extension and implementation of "Safeguarding Orphans' Health" program. Every US$8 donated will provide US$15,000 of protection towards an orphan for one year against twelve types of critical illnesses. For donors, this is not only a way to spread their love, but also make them qualified to buy their children the same insurance protection at the charity price.

"Heart One Plus One" program aims to actively promote people's awareness of charity consciousness. Compared with traditional charity programs, "Heart One Plus One" program makes donors get the same insurance protection for their children while helping the needy ones. In addition to help orphans, it also stresses risk protection of the public. For orphans, the risk of critical illnesses is hard to resist, which is also true for ordinary families. Thus "Heart One Plus One" program is not only a good insurance education approach, but also a bold exploration of charity organization in China.
People can join "Heart One Plus One" Program by various means:

•"1" donor helping "1" orphan
•"1" family helping "1" orphan
•"1"enterprise helping orphans in "1" geographic area

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